Q – What should I pack?

A – If you log into your UltraCamp account, you can click on the icon along the left hand side of the page that says “Document Center.” In the document center, there is the confirmation letter (for the pick up/drop off information), packing list and a few medical documents.

Q –  What if I can’t pay the entire amount today?

A – We do have some sponsorship funds available, but you are also able to schedule payment through our UltraCamp system. As long as we see scheduled payments for the balance due, we allow the camper to come to his/her camp.

Q – Why don’t I see my reservation after completing the registration process?  

A – Unfortunately, we do not accept reservations without the required $50 non-refundable deposit. If you are being sponsored, see what to do if being sponsored by a church (question below). Also, make sure that the registration process is complete; otherwise, the UltraCamp system cannot send the competed registration to us.

Q – What if I am being sponsored by a church?

A – Have a church officer contact us and we will set you up with a code to use at checkout.

Q – Where do I enter my sponsorship code?

A – Complete the registration process, but instead of choosing the e-check or credit card option select “Sponsorship Code”.  There is also an icon along the left hand side of the page that says “Sponsorship Code.” Then you can select “Make a payment using a sponsorship code provided to you.”

QWhat if I can’t register on line, don’t have a credit card or I want to use a check?

A – Download a printable version of the application. Please send it along with your payment to: LLSC 2363 Mountain Rd. Hamburg, PA 19526, if expected to arrive before June 1. If expected to arrive after June 1 , Please send it to LLSC 76 Lodge Rd. Rossiter, PA 15772.

Q – What time do I meet the bus?

A – For all camps pick-up and drop off occur at the same time. The bus arrives at BMA’s cafeteria parking lot around 10:30 am Sunday morning to drop off. We then load up the new campers and leave Blue Mountain Academy at 11:30 am. We ask that you please arrive between 10:45 – 11:15 am so the bus can leave on time. The Harrisburg drop-off/pick-up occurs at the Harrisburg First Seventh-day Adventist Church at 424 N. Progress Ave. We try to arrive by 12:30 pm.

Q – Where is the cafeteria parking lot at BMA?

A – Download a map of the BMA parking lot.

Q – What time is drop off and pick up at the camp?

A – Registration at Laurel Lake Camp begins at 3 pm – please do not arrive prior to this as we cannot process your child until that time. Pick up the following Sunday is from 8:30 – 11:00 am.

Q – How can I contact my camper while he/she is at camp?

A – The two best ways to communicate with your child is through snail mail and e-mail. The address at the camp is: CAMPER’S NAME, Laurel Lake Camp, 76 Lodge Rd., Rossiter, PA 15772. To e-mail your camper: log onto your UltraCamp account. Along the left hand side there are icons – one of which says “e-mail a camper.” Select your camper’s name, who it is from and enter your message; once done click the “send message” icon on the bottom.

QWhat if my child has special medical/physical needs, such as epilepsy, insulin-dependent diabetes, cancer, or physically disabling conditions.

A– Please contact the camp director prior to enrollment