Tween Camp – Ages 12-14 – $300 July 2-9

As a Tween Camper, you will have the opportunity to choose activities like Mountain Boarding, Model Car detailing, and Wilderness Survival. Every day is packed, and in the evening you will enjoy Dare Base and Candy Bar Kickball. To round off every day, our staff will put on a play for you that is sure to be awesome. All through the day, we want you to have fun, learn more about yourself, and, most importantly, more about God.

Tween Camp is for that age (12-14) where campers are really trying to grow up. Though they want to be older, we realize that they were just Junior Campers, and before that Adventure Campers. As they grow, we want them to learn skills in the activities they take at camp. We offer certification in several classes and Pathfinder Honors as well. Though Laurel Lakes wants them to learn more about Nature and Sports, etc….. our primary goal is to help them grow in Christ.

Tween Video from Ever Perez on Vimeo.

  • July 2-July 9
  • Ages 12-14
  • $300

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  • Second week discount – $25
  • Bring A Friend – $50 discount or a FREE bus ride (discount applies when a returning camper brings a friend who is new to LLC)
  • Early Registration – $15 (the deadline is April 15)
  • Free week of camp video contest and $100 discount for poster winner
  • $15 dollar off per camper for additional immediate family members